Design Projects Portfolio


Building Structures MIT

A skybridge was designed for the Building Structures II class at MIT, with Prof. John Ochsendorf and Andrea Love. The design project was in collaboration with Tyler Stevenmer.

Life Cycle Design

Retrofit of social housing in Brussels

This design studio uses the level interactions discussed in the dissertation for an in-depth design of a selected practical case study. The challenge will be changing static architectural heritage for the better, while still enabling it to comply with our unknown future needs. This case study design will result in a proof-of-concept integrating the interactions between building (construction - use - maintenance - reuse - renovation), component (processing - use - maintenance - reuse - sort - dismantling) and material (feedstock processing - use - sort - recycle.

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Square Marlow

Sustainable Design Studio

A neighborhood in Brussels was retrofitted using low carbon materials, living machine water purification and cradle to cradle principles.

Blaret Retrofit

Design Studio

An abandoned farm is retrofitted and extended to make residential lofts, studios and common rooms.


Adaptable Housing Studio

Adaptable housing units are designed for disaster relief.