Samsara, the Story of Reusing the Glass from the Centre Pompidou

A series of documentaries is being filmed and shared via The first episode was an official selection for the global section of the Science Film Festival 2021. It discusses several reuse projects in Paris such as the reuse of the glass from the Centre Pompidou by Maximum. Samsara means “the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound” in Sanskrit.

Watch the film here

Genius Loci

I made a series of documentaries with about how to build ecologically. Our goal is to inspire people towards architecture which respects nature in a regenerative way. The cinematic mode is used to convey the importance of architecture that reconnects people with themselves, with nature and with others. The song “Castells” was a courtesy of Armand Amar. Genius Loci means “the pervading spirit of a place.

Watch the film here